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Threading, a very ancient and traditional hair removal technique...is an ancient art form used extensively for several centuries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and India. In the Western world it is now becoming a very popular and effective method of shaping eyebrows.
This traditional technique uses 100% cotton threads and by twisting and rolling along the surface of the skin precisely removes unwanted hair from the follicle quickly and completely. This technique hereby gives your eyebrows a very clean and defined shape.
In addition this technique can also be used on other parts of your face like the upper lip, chin, sideburns and cheeks etc. Threading is not only for women but also for men.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

  1. No Dangerous Chemicals
    We use 100% cotton thread to do eyebrow threading, and hence there is no chance of side effects like in waxing, which makes your skin darker.
  2. Good for sensitive skin
    Eyebrow Threading is very good for sensitive skin.Those with sensitive skin often struggle with hair removal due to chemical reactions and skin damage and can damage skin.
  3. Works faster
    Another great thing about eyebrow threading is it works much faster than waxing and plucking.
  4. Lasts Longer
    Eyebrow Threading last at least for 2- 3 weeks.
  5. Better overall Value
    With Eyebrow threading, the process is quick, less painful and lasts longer. Threading eyebrows also beats waxing for the attractive arch and shape you get the moment you step away from the chair.
About our Beautician

Our beauticians are well trained and have more than ten years of experience in Eyebrow Threading. They can give any shape to your eyebrows as per your requirements. Please come and visit us.

Please email us at eyebrowcaresf@gmail.com or call us at 415-757-0881 for any enquiries or to make an appointment.